Rodriguez-8Are you someone whose decorating style is free of rules? I love creating art and sourcing textiles from around the world for individualists like you: The quality and design hunter who wants a home layered with unique art pieces and global collections inspired by her travels.  I design + create statement accessories and décor inspired by the art of combining the beautiful and the practical, my eclectic style, and symbols of the natural world.  My bliss is found at the worktables in my studio, located in the city of New Orleans. Whether I am designing, painting or building, a day spent making the ideas in my mind come to form is one of the happiest days of my life.

My creative background began while visiting my grandparents in the small Louisiana town of Cheneyville. My grandmother was an artist who had her hands in a variety of mediums on a daily basis. She designed clothing, warmed her family with her handmade quilts, decorated her home with flowers from her ½ acre garden, and poured her love of creating onto her canvases. Through my grandmother’s influence, I began sewing, painting and playing piano at the age of 6.  As a child of the 80’s and 90’s, I transitioned from coloring books to designing my own quilt patterns, creating original artwork, and developing a love of music through 12 years of classical piano training. During the progression of creating art and music throughout my life, an exchange of ideas overflowed from one discipline to the other, each inspiring an invariable surge of artistic growth. As I searched for outlets to stay active artistically, I began designing and creating décor for my own living space. I made everything from pillows and bedding to paintings and picture frames. Eventually this endeavor led to creating décor and artwork at the request of close friends, which increased the momentum to start a brand.

The environment I create for myself inspires my aesthetic. My living space, the places I travel, my clothes, the music I play and everything in my world amalgamates and translates to color palettes, pattern design & placement, and so on. There is a psychological effect, a subconscious sensation we experience with subtle cues in our physical environments that profoundly influence our mood, mind and well-being. Based on that premise, I’m all about intentionally designing my surroundings. I intend everything in my environment to remind me of where I’ve been, who I am and what I want. That’s how I design my environment, and it’s how I envision helping you do the same.

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