DIY: Mudcloth Ornaments

ornament DIY in process


  • Matte shatterproof ball ornaments, (I used sizes 4″ and 6″)
  • White paint marker, medium point (Buy a few if you plan on doing more than 5 ornaments)
  • Pencil
  • Mudcloth Pattern Inspiration

After designing my Mali Frame Collection, I walk around with white paint like, “Can I put a pattern on that? YAAAS.”  And as if I needed another excuse to slap more mudcloth inspired pattern on something.  Enter: Christmas.  This tutorial can by best summed up by drawing and tracing, but I took more photos than just the one so let’s really draw this thing out.


Step #1:  Gather your materials, including the mudcloth pattern inspiration.  Google, “mudcloth pattern”, go to images and select the patterns that you fancy the most.  Practice sketching your selected patterns on paper first to make sure you’re comfortable drawing your selections (some of the intricate patterns could be a little tricky to draw on a ball).


Step #2:  Sketch your chosen mudcloth patterns on the ornament with a pencil first.  You CAN erase on the matte ornaments, which was super helpful to me when my patterns got a tad uneven.


Step #3:  Trace the sketched patterns with the white paint marker.  The pencil markings will bleed into the paint, so after the first coat dries retrace the pattern to make the paint ultra white.  I did three coats, which was completely unnecessary but made me feel good inside.



DIY Mudcloth Ornaments

Ta-daaa!  These are super easy to make, and are one way to add a little boho to your Christmas decor!  Merry Mudclothing!

Xo, Alyse

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